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Repairs & Maintenance

Unplanned shutdowns due to failing electrical systems are a costly waste of companies' and individuals' time and resources. However, if you look after your facilities' electrical infrastructure, plant, equipment, and appliances, they will look after you. Kellwood Electrical have carried out one-off repairs and delivered long-term maintenance contracts for industrial premises, commercial properties, offices, housing associations, and private homes for over 30 years.

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Repairs & maintenance that:

  • Meets the latest regulations and standards
  • Ensures a safe working environment
  • Lowers energy consumption
  • Extends life cycles of key infrastructure
  • Protects appliance lifetimes

Why Consider Long-term Maintenance ContracTS?

The effectiveness of maintenance contracts lies in top-down organisation, industry knowledge, communication, and quick responses when needed. Kellwood contracts typically include regular site visitations where data is gathered prewarning our clients about areas of concern. We always try to ensure the same individual or team attends which allows site familiarity to increase. Industry knowledge means we can repair all basic challenges from motors, factory machinery, structured cabling, and lighting to common domestic appliances.

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Whether you require planned preventative or corrective electrical maintenance, Kellwood, deliver an electrical maintenance solution that will meets your needs exactly. Contact our office on 01387 255816 or

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